Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, I've had quite the disaster with my hair. I was trying to make it work this morning, already quite frustrated and nearly in tears, when Bella said " wow! Your hair looks weird" from her newly toothless mouth. Wow is right. She wasn't intending to be unkind, but I needed support and comfort over my hair (trust me, it's a long story, but you'd understand). I told her "that wasn't a very encouraging thing to say". I thought for a moment she got very embarrassed and sad like she sometimes does when she disappoints us. However, she said "oh" and walked away.
Micah was in the kitchen with Claire who said through closed teeth, as I'd doing this made it an untraceable secret, "did you hear what Bella said to mom about her hair?". Then she grinned and she and Micah had a good chuckle.
Oh, the joys of teaching my children the power behind words.
I suppose I should also teach them that pretty hair is vain, and my hair shouldn't bother me. Seriously, you'd be a little frustrated if it had happened to you. But that's another post.


  1. I just began following your blog. I am really enjoying the ideas you have posted regarding your planning. I was wondering if you can share who posted the mini book weekly information on CC connected as well as the geo maps you used. Great idea with the tri fold white board. Working on that one soon. Looking forward to following your blog.

  2. If you find me on pinterest, then find my cc boards, you'll find the links to the mini book. since I'm new to blogging, I'm also not great at links and such. the maps were on CC connected, let me see if I can find the person who uploaded them. I know it can be a pain finding things on CC. I would have to search CC again for them. I looked where I had saved them in my google drive and saw that one was labeled CY2_Geo_NtBk.pdf. I hope that helps. I also know that when I first downloaded them, they were from the last foundations manual. There are newly updated files that go with the current edition.

  3. Donna- look for Arianna Kuriscak on pinterest.