Saturday, August 18, 2012

I never thought my kids were lacking in the social area, until yesterday.
We have kept them involved in awanas, Sunday school, MOPS, gymnastics, tap and ballet, swimming, and basketball- well not all of these at the same time. Usually a church type activity and non- religious activity are going on at the same time. I really thought they were getting enough time in with people. We even visit an assisted living facility twice a month.

Well, yesterday we had a play date with a homeschool group. We loved it for a couple reasons. First, it is an incredible park and therefor makes it difficult not to enjoy yourself. Second, because I think it provided a type of play they don't usually encounter.

They were pretending to find secret passageways, and buried treasure. They played hide and seek, and freeze tag. Of course they have done these things before, but not in such a large group. All I know is that they talked the whole way home about all the wonderful things they did.

I knew the Lord was really leading us to join a homeschool group. However, I was looking for the academic side of a group; field trips, art class, etc. I don't realize we had a need for "recess". I thought we had filled that social area. I guess I was wrong. And in this case that's a good thing.

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