Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mobile! on this first week

Okay, I put Facebook updates on all the time now with this new phone. So I'm really hoping to keep this updated- even instead of Facebook.

So this week we rowed "Madeline" we had a great time making "French" toast, Crepes, we visited Paris through a great video. Poor Madeline has her appendix removed. So we studied the human body. We even created one of our own. The girls were so intrigued by the videos on germs. In fact Bella had to go wash her hands midway through a germ movie. then they had to ask "is there germs on this?' about everything. Symmetry was also a theme we studied as we went through our Madeline book. The girls were able to paint their names and fold them in half. They loved the way their "bug" like paintings turned out. To finish our week, tomorrow I'll have a "measure" hunt ready for them. I've cut out a bunch of worms in different sizes. I'll hide them all over and the girls will hunt for them, then measure their length. This will probably be their favorite learning activity for the week.We've made some changes this year for our school at home. I found the workbox systems on pinterst and really thought they'd work for our school. I put in their boxes, not just their work for the day, but the work for the week. Then we work for a predetermined amount of time in each subject (right now for the first week it's just ten minutes, but we'll increase as we get further into the year). When they finish the boxes work - then they don't have that subject for the remainder of the week. So, we don't have any workbox work to do on our first Friday. they finished all their boxes early. I love this new approach. I needed something to motivate the girls- especially one of them- and I didn't want to use candy or cheep toys. If they are done by Friday then we get to attend the homeschool coops playdate/open gym time. I can't believe how motivated they were to finish early and work hard.

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