Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cycle 3 wk 3

For history sentence this week I think I'll have Native American feathers on head bands to represent the how the colonists dressed as Mowhawks.
Then I'll have paper cups, two for each kid. One labeled British East India Company and one labeled Boston Harbor. There will be a tea bag in each of the BEIC cups that they can dump I to the Boston  cup. They can "pour" the bag back and forth as we sing.  

How cool is it that the science for this week fits to "Achey. Brakey, Heart" since we're talking about the heart muscle!

Okay and for some reason I labeled these as week two on you tube.  I don't know how to fix that, oops!  At least here they can be found as week three and if you search for "three kinds of muscle" or "past participial" on you tube they should come up. Hey, better yet just follow my blog and you tube channel and you'll be sure to get all the videos regardless of my inferior labeling. :)
Happy week three!


  1. I'm glad to have found your blog! You have some neat ideas for CC! =)

  2. well thank you, La. I am hoping life lets me continue to post and be prepared for cc

  3. Great ideas once again this year Ari! Please keep posting! You are helping so many of us. Hope you are having a great start to your CC year!