Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cycle 3 wk 2

Well, I started this post already... And it somehow didn't save... So here goes again :(

I thought I would do some props this week for history.
Pilgrim: I'll print out a hat and put it on a craft stick photo booth style. 

England: British flag
Mayflower: a fake flower
Compact: makeup compact (though I'll explain it stands for compact as in promise)

I think I'll do flashcards again for geography (as long as they go over well wk one, which is August 26). I went ahead and made the flashcards already since they are fast. 

Montpelier: banana PEEL 
Vermont: Mountain=mont
Albany: bunny
New York: sparkle =new and the girl is being a "dork" (no, we don't advocate name calling, but you could explain that as well)
Trenton: tent 
New Jersey: sparkles =new, and it's a sports jersey
Harrisburg: meet my hairy pet monster named Harris
Pennsylvania: pencil

Don't know why this is sideways...
Dover: a dog named Dover instead of Rover
Deleware: what to wear?

Take note that you can use these with the pictures showing for a while, then cover one up, and eventually cover them both.  I wouldn't say we should use these alone, I will always use them with our cc black line map.  Having them point to the state as they say the name. Doesn't do as much good to identify a card, when for memory masters and real life they need to be able to locate the state.
Also, don't always do them in the order of the song.  After they get the order of the song well known, mix the cards up to challenge them. 

Have a happy week two!

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