Friday, September 13, 2013

More memory work songs for cycle 2 wk 3

Somehow we came up with two great (at least we thought so) songs for cycle 2 wk 3 memory work.
When I looked at a way to memorize the Western European Countries I was trying to think of a western song that everyone would be familiar with.  It happens that "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain" worked perfectly!!! 
Before we filmed the song, we had been singing it with a country twang.  It was fun to sing that way.  The kids will like it, too.  The "little dance" was country hoe-down arms.  
I have tried about 8 times and for some reason I can't put my video in this post.  So, here's the link to the Western European Countries song

For the pronoun order my daughter started singing it to "Kookaburro Song" and it fit so well.  Thank you Lord!  He made it easy on us today. Here is that link:

A little tip:
I write the song title very small next to my memory work on my white board.  That way should I forget in the middle of CC class, I can find the song without wasting much time.
You can see here I have written "Row" next to my skip counting 5's numbers.  
Hope these are helpful in your CC home/class.

Oh, I guess it did add the Western European Contries, but that was after sitting and loading forever.  
   Again I'm adding screen shots of the Pronoun Order song and Western European songs so I have something to pin on pinterest.  Below are not links, the links are above in the paragraphs.
I don't know why I can't pin these when the are the actual linked youtube videos, but this is how we'll handle it for now.


  1. jessica- thank you for taking the time to write a compliment. it really means something. sorry my response has taken a few months. moving is hard-lol

  2. I know this is an old post, but I do appreciate all your tutor ideas. You and my daughter share a name too! :) thanks!!