Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to normal?

Well, we have our home on the market, finally.  In the midst of all that chaos we had to take a trip to Key West (poor us, right) for a business meeting.  Sorry, I didn't get to post much in all that business.  I hope it will be a bit more consistent until we get to move (soon??? please, Lord).
preparing for week 3
We came up with this little chant for science.
Hope you can use it.

In my plans for wk 3 post I wrote how I would divide the class into 3 groups, give one some fruits/veggies from our play food, one holding forks/spoons, the last holding toy bugs/mushrooms.  In the video I have my girls attempting to hold up each as we say it, and you can tell it's too hard to switch that quickly.  They sure thought it was gross to learn about decomposers :) but I told them the world would be a stinky place without them.
once again, I couldn't pin my video for some reason, so I had to screen shot and add this in.  don't play the bottom picture, play the top smaller one.

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