Saturday, January 25, 2014

CC Cycle 2 Wk 15

So, Sorry.  I have had this post ready for two weeks.  Thought I posted it... saw today I just made it a draft >(  hope some of you can still use it.
I found a great song on You tube by Angie Sparks called Kinetic and Potential Energy. I wish we could use it all in our CC time because it describes the types of energy so well and gives great examples.  However, since tutors are not supposed to teach during memory work, I can't use it :( I will use it at home, for sure.  I suggest others show their students, too.  For our very limited time during New Grammer at CC we need to stick to drilling just the memory work.  So, here is my shortened version

Hope you find these helpful.  We sure had fun with them :)

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