Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So I've been meaning...

So I really have been meaning to post. Of course it's not like it's been seven months, oh it has? Oops. Or as Bella used to say "ope-a-daisy". There have been so many blog-worthy happenings since Jan 27th. My poor feeble memory can't reneged many. Here are some recent things...
I went into my room Sunday afternoon to wake up Bella for life group. Upon entering my room I could see bare shoulders peaking out of the covers on my bed. Weird, I thought, that she would have taken off her shirt. Though she can be pretty silly. She has been known to try on my nighties while she is supposed to be resting. I walked towards the bed to gently wake her, and noticed a pile of clothing on the floor. Ther at my feet were the skirt, shirt, shorts and underwear thT she had worn to church. She was in my bed and she was naked. She was in my bed, naked AND on my side. Ha!
That night I wS saying goodnight to the girls and found Bella all bundled under her covers. She said "I'm a racoon". Then after she shuffled under the covers she emerged with her blanket draped over her arms and spread wide saying "and now I'm a beautiful butterfly.
Claire came out of my room wrapped in a scarf and had her sun glasses on. I told her she wouldn't be able to wear those to gymnastics. Her reply "but I'm totally fashioned". Oh no. It's starting.
Bella asked on the way home from the softball game " when will we (as in our particular family) go to the moon?"

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